Frequently Asked Questions

What age or grade level is the museum designed for?
Our museum was designed to appeal to a wide age range as well as a wide interest level. Whether young or old, child or adult, bug hater or lover, there is something fascinating to learn, touch, and see.
Will I be scared? Is it creepy?
We hope not! Insectropolis is artfully decorated and our displays are dramatic and beautiful. Butterflies aren’t scary, right? Although not all bugs are pretty, we do not intentionally try to gross you out. We want you to appreciate these little creatures, not run away scared.
How long is the typical visit?
You walk around and explore at your own pace since your visit is self-guided. On average, individuals & families spend about 45 minutes to an hour here.
Can I just walk in or do I need an appointment?
You can just walk in during our regular hours and pay the entrance fee. You may want to call to check and see if we have any large groups scheduled on the day you plan to visit so that you can plan accordingly. Guided tours are only given by appointment so you need to call ahead and reserve a date and time.
How far in advance do I need to schedule a group tour?
Some months and days are busier than others. We recommend at least 2 weeks before the date, but if you have a certain day or time in mind you might want to call as early as possible. Some schools and camps book a year in advance just to secure a certain date and time.
Is there a place to eat?
No. Food, snacks, and drinks are not permitted. Please plan your visit accordingly.
Will I be able to touch the bugs?
Yes. We have daily touch presentations where you learn about our bugs and will be able to touch them.
Is Insectropolis indoors? Is it air-conditioned?
All our exhibits are indoors. And yes, we are air-conditioned.
Do you ever offer free tours or host special events?
Sometimes we do offer free tours and we have many special events planned all year long. Please check our calendar to see what upcoming events are scheduled.
I found a neat bug in my yard. Do you take bug donations?
We do have thousands of bugs from all over, but always have room for one more. If you are willing to bring it to us, we gladly accept your donations. You may want to call us just to be sure.
Is your facility stroller or wheelchair friendly?
Yes, all exhibits are stroller and wheelchair accessible since everything is on one level.