We can host up to 150 visitors at one time.

Cost is $120 and includes admission for up to 20 visitors: additional visitors are $6 each.

Here's how your visit would run: Each group of approx. 30 would get their own tour guide (ideally, that will coincide with each class or age group).  Each group will start at a different area in our museum simultaneously.  A guide will work with your staff to keep the group together, point out areas of interest, answer questions, and allow campers the chance to touch live bugs along the way.  A tour lasts about 1 hour.  After the tour, groups can visit the restroom and/or gift shop before you leave our museum to go have lunch at a local park, on the bus ride, or back at your facility since we do not offer an eating area. 

We are willing to condense our program or even open early for your group if need be. Basically, we work with you in order to insure that everyone leaves us happy and more knowledgeable.

Unfortunately, Insectropolis does not offer an eating area, but we are centrally located between 3 different pakrs all within 3 miles of us, which offer covered picnic areas for up to 250 as well as a playground. Or we will simply schedule your trip so that you are back at your own facility in time for lunch.

Interested in bringing your group to Insectropolis?

Please click here to fill out the Group Request Form, if you have any questions, would like to discuss options, or to schedule a group visit. Or stop by and see for yourself what the buzz is about.


How About a Quick Bug Fact?

Dung beetles are BIG eaters! Twenty pounds of Elephant dung (otherwise known as poop) on the African savannah will attract 16,000 dung beetles of various shapes and sizes, who between themselves will eat and or bury the dung completely in just two hours. One dung beetle can bury 250 times its own weight in a night.

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